Mans Of Steels

Saw someone today that I haven’t seen in awhile. He asked if I’d seen Man Of Steel, and I told him yes, and that I loved it.

He didn’t care for it, and threw out the whole, “They killed people” link, which I rebutted with, “Comic Book Law: If you don’t see someone die, they’re not dead. If you do see someone die, there’s a good chance that they’re not dead anyway.”.

But more than that, he gave a very good, valid reason for not liking the new movie:

It wasn’t the Superman (character) that he grew up with.

For me, that’s the reason why I loved Man Of Steel. We all know the boring-ass story of Superman. This movie used that story as the skeleton, and then made a new, awesome version of it.

People hate this movie for being different. That’s fucking stupid. Why should every damned movie be 100% the same?

If you want cookie cutter movies, go watch Saw or Scream or any fucking Nicholas Sparks shit. If you want a fresh take on something, go watch Man Of Steel.


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