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2 Computers 1 Mouse

For Christmas, The Child™ got a new laptop. I’ll be getting the old one, which I thought I wanted to use as a second monitor, but at the same time, I didn’t. After all, it’s a computer, too. And that fact kept me from going all-in on dedicating it to being nothing but a display.

So, I did a search for controlling two computers with one mouse. Most of the results said I would need something called a Keyboard, Video, and Mouse Switch (KVM Switch), a piece of hardware that I can use to toggle between them.

However, a few results returned some software solutions. The first article that I looked at had added a link to a later article they did pointing to a new (at the time) piece of software that would do the trick. I wasn’t sure if it would work, or if it even still existed, since the original article was from 2011, and the update article was from 2012, but it turns out that not only does the software still exist, it was recently updated in October of 2015.

The software is called Mouse Without Borders, and it’s from the Microsoft Garage.

It’s pretty easy to set up and use. All I had to do was install it on my desktop, and tell it I didn’t have it on the other computer yet. It generated a code, and told me to install it on the other computer, then use the code to finish. I installed it on the laptop, used the code to pair them, and I was good to go.

I can now use both my desktop’s keyboard and mouse on the laptop. All I have to do is move my mouse past the right side of my desktop’s screen, or the left side of the laptop’s screen to move back and forth.

It also has an option to set a keystroke combination to switch. Which I think I’ll end up doing, because I’m pretty sure I won’t like it when I’m playing a game, and suddenly, my mouse is no longer in the game…

You can get it from this link.

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