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Knights Of Pen And Paper

This is what currently has my attention on my Kindle Jelly Bean (originally a Kindle Fire, I rooted it, and installed Jelly Bean):

Knights Of Pen & Paper

Knights Of Pen & Paper

It’s a fun pixelated RPG game. It has some issues right now, though they seem to mainly be for players on phones. The development team is working to fix everything, but of course, these things take time.

Anyway, you pick your player, who has a passive ability. For exmaple, Mr. John gets the ability Lived, which grants him a 10% bonus to all XP he earns, while Hipster gets Too Cool To Wait, making blacksmith crafting 50% faster for him.

You also get to pick the class for your player, and each class has 4 skills you can level up with skill points. You get 1 skill point every time you level up, and you can apply it to any skill. Once you’ve put 10 points into a skill, additional points only increase the skill by about 50%.

You start with access to 12 different players, and 6 different classes. You can unlock 5 additional players, and 6 additonal classes, for a total of 17 players & 12 classes. I’m not sure what unlocks the additonal players, but each class unlocks as a quest reward.

At the start of the game, you have 1,000 Gold, and are prompted to make up to two characters. Your first character is free, and your second one costs 10 Gold. You can have a max of 3 characters at the start, but once you get enough Gold, you can unlock an item that lets you have a max of 5 characters. Each additional character costs more Gold to add than the last.

Gold is the only currency of the game (though your stash of Gold is listed with a dollar sign…), and is earned by defeating enemies, selling items, and completing quests. There’s a little + icon to the right of your Gold total, but it only pops up a message saying that the option to buy more Gold isn’t working yet. There are no other IAPs (In-App Purchases), so the only real money you actually pay is the $1.99 to buy the game. Your stash of Gold is universal, and is used by all three save files.

Once you beat the starting campaign, you unlock the option to buy the Arena campaign, again using your Gold. I tried it, and got my ass handed to me. You pick a new set of characters, start at Level 1, have a quick little battle, and then you can start Arena Mode: You face off against 15 waves of monsters.

The Campaign Selection Screen says that more Campaigns are coming soon. I expect they’ll launch after the iOS port of the game is finished.

It does suffer from broken English, but the developers are Brazillian. It’s clear enough to understand what’s going on, so (for me, and other’s I’ve talked to) it’s not really an issue.

All in all, it’s a pretty fun game, and I’m enjoying playing the starting Campaign again with new players and 4 new classes. I used Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Rogue, and Druid for my first playthrough, and now I’m using Bard, Necromancer, Barbarian, Rogue, and Hunter, and pretty much slaughtering whatever I face.

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